Harry Styles to perform solo single “Blow” at the O2 Arena

Harry Styles to perform solo single "Blow" at the O2 Arena

A coming-out party for Harry Styles and fans, at opening night at the Forum on Tuesday (July 18), is coming up short for him.

He will perform his new solo single “Blow” for the first time in front of an audience at the O2 Arena in London, and then make his much-anticipated appearance at the iHeartRadio Festival on August 1 and 2.

The same day, he will play his first London show at the Hammersmith Apollo.

“Blow” is a song he has said would “definitely be on my album, the first single for the album,” but has yet to confirm.

It is his most emotional song so far.

“This one’s a bit sad,” he said of the song. “I like to write sad songs but I never really go in to that.”

He was inspired to start writing “Blow” three weeks ago, and said after writing it he felt “very emotional”.

“It came out in three weeks or so, and there wasn’t a day that went by where I wasn’t sitting in my office or in my flat thinking about it, just having a go. It was just that kind of emotional song.”

He added: “I’ve got it on my computer and I’m going to play it at this Friday’s show, then I’m going to play it at the iHeart Radio Festival, and then hopefully it will be on the album very shortly.”

He did not use a guitar on the track, instead using a microphone.

“It’s not very traditional music,” he said of the track. “I kind of wanted to do it in that no-rock-star-gets-to-rock-solo-band-in-a-solo-concert kinda way.

“I’ve never really had a chance to play acoustic guitar in my life because I always felt, especially in the past, that it really wasn’t for me. I always felt I was really shy away from playing acoustic guitar and have to sit down on a piano or bass and that just didn’t really fit.”

Harry also said that his new single – which is out on 7 July – “will probably be on my album soon”.

“It’s been in the bag for a while, it’s going to be on the album, and then hopefully I’ll put the album out in September. That would be

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