Iggy Azalea is having a great time in New Zealand

Iggy Azalea is having a great time in New Zealand

Iggy Azalea isn’t really mad at Raiders reporter who dissed her: ‘Please relax’

Iggy Azalea is having a great time in New Zealand. It doesn’t seem like it.

On Tuesday she was asked to leave the Auckland Cricket Ground after a journalist who once interviewed her at the time when she was pregnant with her second child asked her to respond to a criticism she made about her son.

It started when a local journalist asked Azalea to comment on an article he had written about her and her husband’s childless marriage.

In the article, the journalist had referred to Azalea as “the poster child for childless pregnancy” and compared her to Beyoncé. He said while Beyoncé married Jay-Z because she thought she would be with rapper, “he is a child and she is a woman”.

The article also discussed Azalea’s pregnancy with her second child.

It referred to the timing of her pregnancy as causing Azalea to have “a lot of stress”. It also said Azalea’s pregnancy “led to many people taking shots at her”.

But it seems the issue didn’t stop there.

In her speech on behalf of her new team, Azalea thanked everyone who has supported her in her time in the NRL, from her former teammates, to her sponsors, to her family.

But, as she started to speak about her time in the NRL, she was interrupted by someone in the audience calling out: “Please [let] Iggy speak, please!”

But Azalea held up her hand to silence the person and started to speak – saying she was very happy in her new position with the Panthers. She thanked everyone who has supported her in the past and, as she finished her speech, she said: “Thank you so much, all of you who supported me and loved me.”

She then introduced her new team – the Panthers, where she previously played for the Storm. As her speech continued, she thanked her family for the support they gave her.

Soon after, Azalea was asked to leave the grounds.

Despite being told by the head of the New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) to leave the grounds at the conclusion of her speech, Azalea said she would stick around as she wanted to thank everyone in the crowd who had cheered her throughout her time in the

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