NEIL CLARK, HOST: Kenyatta’s political analyst, Raila Odinga, is a man who has an opinion

NEIL CLARK, HOST: Kenyatta's political analyst, Raila Odinga, is a man who has an opinion

Kenya ‘a beacon of democracy’ in East Africa, says expert

This is a rush transcript from “Your World with Neil Clark,” June 19, 2011. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

NEIL CLARK, HOST: As I write this, two months into democracy in Kenya, the political party that came out on top for the first time last December in this country of 50 million people is the same party that took to the streets two years earlier to declare itself a new government and ousted President Mwai Kibaki for the first time in the country’s history. How has this democracy, which was born in the streets of the country’s capital, come to be on the global stage?


GEORGIE LUSIMI KUYA: I believe in change. Change is not an option. It’s a necessity. It will happen. And I feel as if we are at the beginning of this change.


CLARK: That was a man who had an opinion, one of his first, since he had the power to do so. In this case, the leader of the main opposition party, Raila Odinga, who is a Kenyatta man and was elected to the parliament after campaigning, as I’ll come on later — how will his party, his team, his followers, how will it respond?

A leading analyst in this country is Kenyatta, not only as a man, but as a political analyst. I spoke earlier with him in Kenya when he was here, but I wanted to ask you first what is the mood there, the public mood, on the streets and in the towns in the country of 5.5 million people?

RUA KENYATTA: Well, it’s very positive, actually. The mood is very good. We have seen all the people out in the streets in support of our president. There is a lot of excitement now. There’s a lot of good energy out there with the youth. I think most importantly is the confidence that the

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