Why is the Governor’s Office Overworked?

Why is the Governor's Office Overworked?

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

De León’s article, “Why my state is in trouble,” is full of unadulterated nonsense. Even the Washington Post, which usually supports the governor, called it “ludicrously one-sided.” The Post was trying to make things better for the people of Washington. De León wanted to keep things as bad as they had been.

De León should resign. He should walk away from his office and, without a word, let his constituents know he no longer believes in the policies and ideologies he helped create. Not only is he unfit to serve, he’s damaging our state to the point where he should not be able to run for office again.

Kevin de León


Why are some people so stupid?

In a political environment where people are told that “You can’t touch my Medicare, my Social Security, my gun” or that “my guns should be registered!” you would think that everyone would be above reproach. But when you look at some of the people this governor allowed to operate in his office and on his staff, it is unbelievable.

The governor and his staff have been accused of a host of crimes, from tax fraud to the alleged leaking of classified information to political corruption. But for some reason, the people running the governor’s office and the people working for him have not been indicted.

In his letter, the governor makes the claim that the current attorney general’s office was “overwhelmed by the volume of work” so the governor has brought in an “experienced prosecutor” and his staff.

I am baffled. The attorney general’s office is in charge of all criminal cases in Washington. It is not over-worked. People with criminal cases have been going to trial all the time.

Also in question is the governor’s claim that he brought in the “new prosecutor” to work with the “old prosecutor

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